Oppose SB 188

Lawmakers are considering a disastrous big government plan called SB 188 that would add a $10 tax on prescriptions filled in Kentucky. Kentucky leaders must reject this socialist-style bill that would dramatically increase health care costs for hardworking Kentucky families and employers.

Lawmakers Need To Oppose SB 188

Too many Kentucky consumers already struggle to afford their prescription drugs. SB 188 would add a $10.64 tax on prescriptions filled in the state – further burdening patients with an unnecessary government-mandated prescription drug tax.

Small businesses, workers, and their families rely on affordable health care plan options. SB 188 would increase costs by banning certain lower-cost pharmacy options – making it harder for them to grow, compete, and offer high-quality, affordable health care benefits.

SB 188 would ban white bagging for specialty pharmacies which handle medications for chronic conditions and diseases like cancer, putting some of the most vulnerable patients in our communities at risk.

Say NO to the $10 Rx Tax

Help stop the $10 prescription drug tax – and prevent $5 BILLION in increased health care costs for Kentucky employers, taxpayers, and consumers.

Kentucky businesses should be able to deliver health care coverage and Kentucky residents should be able to afford their prescription drugs. Lawmakers should NOT pass SB 188 which would take away choices and hike health care costs.

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